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A savory seasoning made with natural ingredients like mushroom, calamansi and black salt for the umami, tangy, spicy flavor of Sisig (a Philippine favorite dish). Use to make all kinds of sisig at home or as an all-purpose umami seasoning to elevate any dish.


Use at the end of cooking for the brightest flavor. Adjust to taste.

1.5 tbs Sisig : 1 lb of food.


"Game changer." - Karla P.

"I'm obsessed." - Sabine

"I put it on everythiiiiiing" - Rav S.

"A staple in my household." - Jack A.

"Umahgawddddt the Kusî is so good.. I love the sneaky sweet spiciness- SHE SERVES." - Julian L.


Ingredients: mushroom (salt, vitamin B, calcium), green mango, kala namak, organic onion, calamansi (maltodextrin), black pepper, chili pepper


Net wt. 4 oz

Vegan, No Gluten, No Added Sugar

*caps may vary

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