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A pinch of Filipino flavor. Made in Brooklyn, NY.
A pinch of Filipino art. Brooklyn based photographer Anna Frumenti shares scenes from the homeland, the Philippines. 
Shop spices. Shop prints. Support local art. 
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a taste of philippine flavor

taste comes first but we put equal importance on REAL good INGREDIENTS (hello organic coconut vinegar)

+ recyclable/reusable packaging.

vegan, no gluten, no refined sugars

FILIPINa 🇵🇭 OWNEd, no lies, all love


kumain ka na?

| The dish’s name comes from an old Filipino word sisigan which means "to make sour".

| The term mannisig manga, still used today, refers to green mangoes dipped in vinegar. 

| Sisig was originally a salad of green fruits, given as a cure for a night of overindulgence aka a hangover!

| This evolved into the dish it is today, frequently made with pork but also tofu, chicken, fish +++

the good stuff

Real ingredients from plants. No to weird ingredients, yes to flavor.


Vegan, no gluten, no refined sugars.


Valuing, celebrating, reclaiming our culture while simultaneously un-learning ingrained colonial mentality.


Food is our love language and that's where we want to start the conversation. Come share our table. 


We're all connected

Everything is energy. We're vibrational beings at our essence and our collective frequency creates the reality around us.


We support local businesses.

Eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable packaging.

life is art

Exploring different facets of creativity. The way we live in itself is a form of expression with the power to make us feel something.

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Kalinga Tattoo Vector.png
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